LCream21 is a lifting & redefining facial and whole-body cream developed by John after having a car accident that let him with horrible scars all over his face. He tried several creams to fix his scars with no results, but he never gave up, his passion for investigation and knowledge lead him to create a cream that help him to smooth his scars. Now after more than 20 years of refining and testing ingredients he created a cream that nurture and shields skin against harmful UV rays with a natural SPF 35-40 Carrot Seed Oil which also contains a powerful combination of ingredients including Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Frankincense Olibanum Oil, Moringa extracts with an exclusive plant complex enriched with Pueraria Mirifica and Rose Geranium Cape Oil in a base of citric and powerful antioxidants Oils. LCream21 is a luxurious plant complex cream that is designed to soothe scars, aging lines and hydrate the skin which delivers an intense moisture and leaves the skin feeling irresistible radiant and younger.

LCream21 is an enriched plant complex cream that  is designed to soothe scars , aging lines and heals the hyperpigmentation of the skin which delivers an intense moisture and leaves the skin feeling irresistible radiant and younger.

Please look into the LCream21 range to find out which one suit your needs

LCream21 Day is designed for the daily exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting the skin with a natural SPF 35-40 taken from the Carrot Seeds Oil besides this shield also contains the properties to sooth scars and aging lines. Is also formulated to heal wounds keeping away bacteria and fungi from developing infection. Click the bellow link and find out the properties of the ingredients.  


LCream21 Night is the result of a very luxurious plant complex which is designed to reinvigorate your skin after a busy day, also having the ingredients that soothe the scars and fading the aging lines to keep you looking young and radiant. Without forgetting the main mission which is to treat the scars and marks to the point that are imperceptible. 


LCream21 Woman is a cream that was created to assist ageing lines, scars and to increase Breast Size. How it works, its formula is based on natural nutrients ingredients which allows the collagen from the skin becomes round and elastic again, the collagen of the breast is different from the skin and this is where Pueraria Mirifica works well. 

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